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Dear Villas Neighbors:


Welcome to the new Villas at Linfield Web Site!


This web site was set up to enable us to provide you with up-to-date, accurate news and information on a timely basis. We hope you find the site easy-to-use and helpful in staying abreast of what's going on in our community.


The domain name is www.villas-at-linfield.net


Please add it to your favorite sites on your computer.  By now you should have received an email explaining how to navigate the site.  In that email is your password that will give you access to private parts of the web site such as the residents' list, the calendar and events page.  We've password protected these pages in order to protect your privacy.  If you have not received your password, or don't remember it, please give me a call or email me.


Here are some of the highlights of our new web site:




This is the first page you'll see when you logon to the site.  Look to your left and you will see a heading called "news."  There you will see highlights of the articles you will find in our news section.




This page is essentially our newsletter, except that now that we're online, you'll be able to read the articles as soon as they are submitted to me.  We will update the site each time we receive a new article.


You will still receive your monthly newsletter; however, it will come to you in an email from this site.  Residents who do not have a computer or access to the Internet will still receive their monthly email in printed form.


If you would like to have an article published on the web site and in the e-newsletter, simply go to the Contact Us Page and submit your article.




Have your favorite pictures from community events posted on the site.  All you need to do is email the photos to me along with your photo caption and I will upload them to the site.




There are three sub-pages to this page:  Downloads, Interesting Links, and Marketplace. 


If you click on Interesting Links, you'll find a number of other web sites that you may find interesting and useful including Limerick Township, Montgomery County PA, State of Pennsylvania, Social Security Administration and Internal Revenue Service.  If you know of any other site that might be useful to our neighbors, send it to me and I wil link it to our site.


The Market Place Page will allow you to buy and sell goods and services to the community.  Suppose, for example, you have tickets to a Broadway Show or a sporting event that you are unable to attend.  You can use this page to offer your tickets to your neighbors.  To see a real example of how this works, go to the Marketplace now and take a look at Pam Morin's message.




There are four parts to this section.  The main page ... the one your are on now if you're reading this ... is your gateway to the following pages:


Board of Directors


This section gives you access to the names, phone numbers and email addresses of our Board members, as well as committee chairs, the McGrath office and hotline numbers and the Continental Management office.


Charter & Rules


You'll find a complete, up-to-date set of our association's by-laws in this section.  You will also find the minutes of the Bord Meetings, Balance Sheet and Financial Papers. Note: the by-laws and financials have not been uploaded yet.


Resident List


Click on Membership and you'll be taken to our Residents' List.  Because we are now online, this list will never be out of date.  And if you're like me, who always manages to lose the paper list, you'll find this section very handy when you need to contact a neighbor and can't remember the phone number or email address.  This page is password protected.  When you click on Membership, you'll be asked to key in your password to gain access.  Forgot your password?  Give me a call.




This page will be empty for the time being.




Have a friend who isn't sure how to find our community?  Have them logon to the site and go to this page.  They'll find a handy Google map showing the way to the Villas.




This is the page you can use to get your article published in the e-newsletter and posted on the site.  Simply key in your message, click on the send button and your article will be emailed to me at info@villas-at-linfield.net


Newsletter Contact Form


This is the page you can use to let us know your email address or a change in email address so that we can send you a notice when the monthly newsletter is ready to read online.


I'm sure you'll find this site site helpful and easy-to-use.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  You can reach me using this contact page, or using my personal email address, or by phone, or you can knock on my door. 


One final note.  You will notice that there is a Logon prompt at the lower right hand corner of each page.  Just ignore it.  This is the portal that allows me to access the site to make changes and post new information.




Sue Costantini and Brian Kirby

Villas at Linfield

Web Masters